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A candidate’s sex life

by on January 29, 2012
From Hallie Banerjee-Farrah:

Based on today’s class debate on objectivity intro and the political campaign and how important a persons personal and sexual lifestyle/life choices are??

There are many areas of grey in this matter as there always is with ethical choices. Personally, I would not want to know much about a presidential candidate’s sex life/past personal choices. Those details do not effect the professional standards and skills a person has. I really wouldn’t care to even have that information available. The past is the past, and we should focus on the politics and the person’s professional experience.


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  1. M Sylvain permalink

    I agree, I’m not interested in the sex life of a presidential candidate. However, when said candidate is preaching the sanctity of marriage and is not upholding the standards himself, I wonder what else he might be hypocritical about. I think, to an extent, a persons ethics in their personal life cross over to their professional or political life. I’m not saying that because he cheats in his relationships means that he will cheat our country, but I do think it says something about the kind of person he is. If he cannot uphold the ethics that he bases his campaign on, should he really be trusted? When given information, whether or not you want to hear it, it should be questioned. I for one would like to hear him address his decisions, and why the standards he expects others to uphold, he can’t uphold himself.

    • I agree as well that I do not necessarily care about the sex life of a presidential candidate. However, i see why people are so fascinated by it. When I took journalism and law we discussed the issue of privacy all the time, especially when it came to celebrities and public figures. The question always came back to what does the public have the right to know. As we discussed in class the other day, if you are a public figure or a celebrity you are a role model to the public and therefore voluntarily put your life on display. When it comes to presidential candidates it is an even more sensitive topic. Presidents are not only role models for Americans, they also largely affect how other countries see us. The president is someone who represents America and defines our nationalism: “what does it mean to be an American?” I believe that whoever our presidential candidate is his/her sex life should be kept confidential. However when the information is leaked, it is the journalist’s job to report on it. Since the president holds so much power, it is inevitable that the citizens voting for him/her will want to know everything about the individual in order to make the most educated decision. And for some voters morality is in question. After all doesn’t everyone want a president who will represent the America he/she believes?

  2. faye34 permalink

    I found it hysterical that presidential candidate (R) Newt Gingrich was upset by CNN moderator John King’s question on Jan. 19, 2012. King’s purpose seemed evident as Gingrich’s private life was the purple elephant in the room. This debate in S. Carolina was important for the candidate’s futures. Therefore, if it was not spoken about it would have made the debate seem shallow.
    What I found funnier was knowing that “Christian” Speaker Gingrich lambasted Pres. Clinton for having an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky in 1995-1996. Recall, Gingrich “retired” in 1998. (see: )

    I could not not respond. I don’t like many of the candidates. Being a voting student for a better America, I want to know if they have their best foot forward to represent US.

  3. I also dont think the sex life of a candidate is really important to their bid for presidency but at the same time you need people you can trust and who have a good “moral” behavior. I might be wrong but am sure nothing had come up regarding Clinton’s sex life during his campaigns but look at where he ended up. Candidates sex life also maybe important to know just incase this leaders use the political power to take advantage of this sex victims case of Hermann Cain.

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