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Whistleblowers and the Obama administration

by on February 26, 2012

Remember our discussion at the end of last Thursday’s class about the Obama administration’s escalation of whistleblower prosecutions? Here’s an ABCNews correspondent challenging White House press secretary Jay Carney about this.


Jake Tapper, ABCNews: “…[T]his is the sixth time you’re suing a CIA officer for allegedly providing information in 2009 about CIA torture. Certainly that’s something that’s in the public interest of the United States. The administration is taking this person to court. There just seems to be disconnect here. You want aggressive journalism abroad; you just don’t want it in the United States.”

What do you think is happening here? Why is the Obama administration, who promised transparency and a friendlier relationship between the White House and journalists, doing this?



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  1. Perhaps Obama is still trying to prove he is the anti-Bush. He wants to appear friendlier, towards Americans and foreigners, but instead it leads him to be less honest than he is presenting himself to be. Bush did not have much of a reputation to protect, where Obama does, and he used to have an even greater one. In the video, Carney clearly avoids giving a real answer to the question. He also did not seem too shocked by the question, which means he was expecting that the press has been discussing this issue. I think this is the type of predicament that does not have light shed on it until the current president has left office and a newer administration makes it more possible for answers to come out. However, we thought that would be the case when Obama came in, and obviously it is not.

  2. faye34 permalink

    As I read a variety of sources, such as: Adams Liptak’s 2/12/12 New York Times article with J.Keating’s spot in Foreign Policy from 2/27/12 with David Carr’s 2/26/12 New York Times story that was recently tweeted; I surmise especially from the Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute cited ruling for Title 18 Part I Cht. 37 that Espionage, Sedition and McCarran Internal Security Acts favor the government. Perhaps the digital age makes it easier to be tracked, found with time stamps, IP addresses and RAM that is evolved.
    it could be that Pres. Obama wants to remind potential criminals not to bother since punishment is severe. Who wants to lose seeing the sky and rainbows for a 6′ X 6′ cell block? Pas moi mon amie.
    It’s interesting to watch especially now that artist Shepard Fairey, 42, of Los Angeles, Cali. was found guilty for forging copyright from AP for Pres. Obama’s “Hope” campaign poster.
    Can’t say we’re bored…

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