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Did the media convict Zimmerman before he went to court?

by on March 28, 2012

Its clearly the media purposely played the mind game here by choosing the worst picture they would find for Zimmerman and using a baby image for Travon Martins. This is what I thought the first time I saw the news. The media outrightly sided with Travon and made him the victim no matter how the case went. I think they should have been used equal pictures. Not a mugshot for Zimmerman and a cute picture for Travon posing for a football game.


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  1. I thought this same thing as well. I found it odd that not one media outlet choose broadcast a current photo of Trevon or Zimmerman. I mean I understand the logic behind it, a picture of a young black boy gets more sympathy from the public especially when teamed up beside the accused murderers mugshot. This is not ethical journalism. Broadcasting these two images that send such strong messages to viewers and that can ultimately distort their view and overall understanding of the case is neither an objective or truthful journalistic practice, but rather extremely bias. Photos within journalism are just as powerful as written or articulated words and should be held to the same journalism ethical standards.

  2. faye34 permalink

    The goofy gal I am wants to make a joke like, “Oh what do prof. Brian McD/Steve Fox. think?” The serious me being a mother of a bi-racial teen wants to spout awful things about the whole matter. The journalist I am wants to voice an objective voice repeating “Nothing but the facts” rhetoric. And it comes down to needing to research the two different people to compare their ages, etc. I’ve noticed the media chooses their words, pictures carefully. I found the Nat’l Press Photographers Assc. (NPPA) has nine Code of Ethics posted; if that helps.

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