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“The Alienating Spectacle That is the Democratic Convention”

by on September 7, 2012

While perusing Twitter Thursday afternoon after class, I happened upon this interesting story (via @CKlosterman) about one journalist’s experience at the Democratic National Convention.  It’s most definitely worth a quick read and ties in nicely with our discussion about the role of journalists.  I won’t get into all the details here, but it speaks to the ideas of groupthink that Raz touched upon.

Your thoughts?


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  1. I think this story is as much a representation of the “political showmanship” the reporter was talking about as anything. I never watch the conventions because I know better — that is to say that I feel there is nothing valuable about them, never mind that the event itself is more self-promotion and party galore than anything. Walter Kirn is right, its difficult to know where to look or what to look for when there is so much information to sift through. Like, why do I care that Michelle Obama is “rallying the base” when I’d rather hear about what Mr. Obama plans to do in his next four years if elected.

    Its kind of embarrassing what these conventions have become in my opinion, mainly because they don’t elicit any sort of factual understanding of the candidate’s views. Just a manufactured process to “rally the base.” But sadly, I feel that the political landscape has become more about ‘shmoozing’ and attacks on the other party than it is about the ideas and what the candidate wants to do to improve the situations our country is dealing with.

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