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9/11 New York Times

by on September 12, 2012


Not sure if anyone is watching any of the coverage on 9/11 and the anniversary, but I thought it was really interesting that the New York Times put the Chicago teachers strike as the front page of the hard copy of today’s paper. They claimed that 9/11 wasn’t as “newsworthy” and that they did a lot for it last year because it was the 10th anniversary. To me, this was a little ridiculous. It’s only been 11 years–not 50 or something. Also, it happened in New York. This is a paper for New York. I was just shocked that this wasn’t on their front page. If I was directly affected by 9/11, I would be extremely disgusted, more than I am now. It’s like they’re forgetting about it.

Anyone else?

**Also, there’s a really good documentary on the History Channel titled, “102 Minutes that Changed America” if anyone is interested. It’s really sad but really powerful.


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  1. Here’s one take on that: “New York Times Makes Right Call with No Front Page Coverage of 9/11” (

  2. I actually noticed the same thing yesterday morning when i was trying to find the expected, 11 year anniversary of 9/11 article on the front page. I don’t know if this was such a terrible thing, especially since I was just expecting to see it there in the first place and maybe they want to keep readers, like me, on their toes. That could go the other way too though. The fact that I was expecting to see a 9/11 article on the front page, and was let down, isn’t good either. I don’t think they were trying to let me down, and I wasn’t especially offended, but I’m sure someone with a more emotional tie to what happened that day probably was.

  3. In another one of my journalism classes, we discussed this topic and discovered that the New York Times did have a 9/11 story on the front page–but it was only up for a short time. One student noted that it was online and within a half hour, the story changed to the Chicago teachers strike.

    I think that because the Times is a New York paper, it should have dedicated more time to a tragedy that struck right in their hometown.

  4. I understand that point that the article Raz posted is trying to make. 9/11 is something that will always be in our hearts, and never be forgotten, yet there comes a time where journalists have to move on and focus on on the present. However, there is no reason why there cannot be just one story dedicated to the tragedy that occurred on 9/11, especially in New York’s own newspaper. I would understand if it were another city, but New York is different- it means something different to New Yorkers. That being said, I would be disgusted and appalled if I were a New Yorker, and am still upset at the fact that its only been 11 years and they’re acting as if it happened decades ago; it’s not right.

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