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Terry Jones strikes again?

by on September 12, 2012

I assume you have already heard about the killing of the American ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. Here’s one connection to the story we discussed yesterday in class:

GlobalPost correspondent Erin Cunningham, who is in Cairo, said that the film is “Mohammed Nabi al-Muslimin,” which translates to “Mohammed, Prophet of the Muslims.” The film is said to have been produced by “infamous Quran-burning preacher” Terry Jones, in the words of Foreign Policy, “in collaboration with a group of Egyptian Copts.

Does this change your position on the whole affair?



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  1. This guy just won’t go away, will he? I remember talking about him my sophomore in the Media Criticism class. I don’t think there is anything wrong with someone making a movie, this is a free country, so a movie about the prophet Mohammed is not as bad as I have seen. There are some really gruesome movies available that could and do offend a lot of people. But they are simply movies.

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