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Cat runs for mayor

by on September 30, 2012

This was the top story on CNN a couple days back, thoughts on this?


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  1. I thought this was an Onion video at first.

  2. What a joke this is. I can’t believe that this is even real. It completely trivializes politics and local elections. Why would anyone even vote for a cat. What is its platform? Did the cat choose it? The answer is clearly not.

  3. achaunt permalink

    Yeah, it’s real. I was just shocked that it was a story, let alone the top story when there were so many other stories that needed national attention. Kind of sad that more people read about this than other news.

  4. I’m surprised that this would be a top story at CNN. But I believe that the message the owner of the cat is trying to get out about spading and neutering cats is an important subject that does need attention.

    Also at the end of the video the reporter clearly states that the cat isn’t on the ballot. So there is no chance that it could be mayor. My question is what is the difference from voting for a cat or writing in Mickey Mouse for a vote which is a known way people still exercise their right to vote without giving a vote to a candidate he/she does not like.

  5. What were the ethics behind running this story? Yeah, the owner wants his message out to the public about neutering cats, but this certainly is not the way to do it. Absolutely ridiculous that CNN would actually report on this. Good for Hugh for getting his 5 minutes of fame, however…

  6. Derek permalink

    It definitely appears to be a fairly benign story, but I wouldn’t hold it past them to have anticipated these very reactions when making it this way. It appeals to the millions of millions of people who love animals doing wacky things online, and annoys those who look toward CNN for more solid stories than a cat who can’t run for mayor. Either approach gets them hits, and a lot of them.

    As ethical/unethical and clever/asinine as it is, they made a story that garnered enough hits to make it to the top story, and to them it’s very likely a success. If they publish regular hard news stories that don’t make nearly as many hits as this one on a daily basis, then why not broaden their scope to draw in the traffic? We have to remember that, honestly, a lot of people don’t go out of their way to watch/read the news, maybe even less so to educate themselves about the world, and for a news agency to cater to that is actually rather wise. I’m not saying I like it, because I don’t, but I also can’t terribly blame them for doing it, especially in this turbulent time for journalism.

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