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California governor OKs ban on gay conversion therapy, calling it ‘quackery’

by on October 2, 2012 

I just stumbled upon this article on CNN and thought it was pretty interesting. I didn’t even know this existed—a therapy to change someone from being homosexual to straight—However, Governor Brown of CA just banned this therapy for good. A lot of comments were posted below it by both happy and irritated people. What do you think? Pretty interesting article if you have a chance to read the whole thing. 


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  1. It is clear that 2012, regardless of what happens in November at polling stations, has been a very historic and monumental year for gay and equal rights. More celebrities than ever before have “come out for marriage equality” and voice their support for gay marriage. I think that this story will help further the conversation along. It will provide some evidence that maybe homosexuality is something that should not be corrected and that it is fine to be gay. If voters read this story and see that one state is taking action to help protect gay identified youth, then they may be able to see that legalizing gay marriage is the direction that the country should, if not inevitably, travel in.

  2. You may call it close-mindedness if you want (however, in this case I wouldn’t call it that) but I just don’t see how some people still believe homosexuality is a choice, and can be potentially “cured.” One of the more disturbing parts of the article that I read was where David Pickup was quoted as saying his therapy was put in place to essentially, “help children resolve their homosexual feelings and maximize their heterosexual potential.” Pickup sounds senseless and conceited here. I also thought it was interesting, and quite comical, how one former patient drew the parallel to attending a height camp and being told that if he tried hard enough he would eventually grow taller. It’s simply remarkable how some people can believe and feel so strongly about something that has no real substance to it. Homosexuality is not a cause-and-effect matter. It’s part of who people are, just like someones ethnicity, it’s not a choice.

  3. If anyone would like to learn more about this subject Lisa Ling did an episode on it on her documentary show, Our America, on the OWN network.

  4. I think the law passed was a really great one. Like everyone was saying it is 2012 and it is time for truly equal rights. The elimination of this borderline inhumane practice and teaching is a step forward in the right direction. Even if someone doesn’t believe in gay marriage, for whatever reason that may be, they don’t have to actively partake in it. It is not someone’s choice to be gay just like it is not someone’s choice to be heterosexual. Therefore, both situations should be treated the same with equal rights. Just like no one tries to “cure” being heterosexual, no one should try to “cure” being gay.

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