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BBC embroiled in sex scandal

by on November 21, 2012

From Chelsea:

Check out this article about the BBC & a sex scandal.


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  1. This is a very powerful article and really opens up questions on ethics. Why did they do what they did ? Were there better ways to approach this situation? How will the BBC regain their effectiveness in the British journalism society? So many questions…

  2. The main piece of the article that stood out to me was where David Leigh mentioned how, “investigative journalism could be subsidized as conventional media business models were ‘swept away by the Internet.'”

    This quote very much relates to this earlier quote in the article,
    “There is so much pressure on commercial media at the moment that it’s vital that the BBC keeps its place in British national life – not just as the dominant news source, but one that is a high quality news source.”

    With the internet becoming such a prominent media fixture over the past decade, I feel more and more journalists are struggling to meet the expectations of their editors because of the instantaneous media nature that the Internet has invoked. People are able to get headline news instantaneously via non-conventional news outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and other applications. This in turn has made it inherently difficult for more conventional news outlets to keep up this instantaneous nature. Journalists want to meet their editors expectations and are making errors, whether it be accidental or not, just to meet their deadlines.

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