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Continuing the discussion about Rev. Jones burning the Koran- Katherine Clark

by on January 30, 2013

To continue what we discussed in class about the burning of the Koran… it is hard to know how much validity was behind the threat of burning the Koran, and whether an article should have been written about it, especially since the threat began with a tweet and Facebook group. Jones had a following from his church, and from a Facebook page dedicated to his idea of burning the Koran, and I think that made this story more significant. The original threat started with a tweet, which shows just how powerful social networking sites have become. I would have written a piece about this because of the other people involved, the other people following Jones made this more serious, and may have led things to escalate further than they did. If there were no press coverage on Jones and his church burning the Koran, then who is to say that things would not have escalated? But, then again, it might not have escalated at all, and it could have just ended with the church burning it. Since this event, Jones has been in the news for other things, like supporting an anti-Islam film. Would he have backed the film if no one paid attention to him saying he’d burn the Koran? I’m still not sure about the answer to that, but ultimately I think the attention and publicity he and his church received helped fuel their stance against Islamic people.


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  1. Is it safe to assume that this was a publicity stunt? How positive are we with that assumption? As I said in class yesterday, if Muslims were the ones holding a Bible burning event, I am 100% certain it would not have been deemed a publicity stunt. The fact we don’t know exactly what Jones’s motives were leads me to believe the story should have received coverage. How much coverage exactly? Maybe that’s worth more discussing…

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