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Question 3 Discussion

by on February 6, 2013

Question 3 in brief: the President has proposed a new job creation plan, to which there is much opposition. Among the opposition are 10 reputable economists,  and all are making legitimate arguments for an alternative policy. Each economist has evidence to back his selective policy. Do you report equally on all 10 possible policies? Do you exclude any? If so, how do you choose which policy suggestions are deserving of media coverage?

I would personally do my very best to report equally on all of the policy options. I would do this, as opposed to selecting two or three that seem the most plausible, in the name of objectivity. I think that a major problem with the media today is complacence in the acceptance of what is “plausible”. If the government only determines that plans A, B, and C are feasible, we often see the media drop the remaining options from the table. Thus, since the media dictates the public discourse, all other options are then forgotten by the public.

It is entirely possible that options A,B, and C are advocated for simply because the government is operating within the constraints of an alternative agenda, which makes option D inconvenient. I think that the media should strive to keep ALL of the options on the table as long as possible. The more options, the more public discussion, the greater the public knowledge. Government is supposed to be representative of the people, which requires the people to be fully informed as opposed to being informed solely of the options deemed worthy by government figures. The greater the public awareness and the richer the public discussion, the more successfully we can facilitate democracy.


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