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Paying for Sources

by on March 12, 2013

Included in this weeks reading was an article by Julianne Moos that had been published by Poynter Institute online that discussed the increasing tendency for news networks to pay for their sources.

            The article, which cites a number of major news networks as guilty contributors to this developing trend in journalism, showed both sides of the argument. While news networks can gain the upper hand by being the sole owner of a piece of information, or testimony by a sought after source, they also lose reputability. Becoming known for buying information rather than honorably acquiring it lessens the decency of any publication.

            In a time when getting the scoop on a story is synonymous with making money, to what length should reporters and organizations go to get information? How should the public receive information that was bought and paid for? Does paying a source for their statement or information lessen the validity of that information?


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