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Laura Ling’s North Korean Capture

by on March 13, 2013

Back in 2009, Laura Ling and fellow journalist Euna Lee were taken captive by North Korean soldiers while they were reporting abroad, investigating North Korean citizens escaping to China over the border. They were held captive for 140 and President Bill Clinton had to come to North Korea to rescue them from detainment. The reporters had to ask themselves the questions that we went over in class today. Do you think that this story was worth the risk that the two women took? What about the people that say their reporting was “irresponsible” by getting as close to the border as they did?


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  1. Felicia Cohen permalink

    I think that these women, as well as any reporters who aligns themselves with the opposing side, should recognize that they are not always going to be greeted with open arms. They need to tread carefully and do everything they can to make themselves neutral- and even then, they can be used to the foreign side’s advantage.

    Going along with the class discussion about being armed or unarmed while reporting from abroad in war zone, I think that it is certainly easier to be seen as a journalist, rather than an American, without carrying a gun. I feel as though it is almost irrelevant to carry a gun in the first place, since a reporter will be so greatly outnumbered, if the opposing side to American decided to take action against you, you wouldn’t stand much of a chance anyway.

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