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What jobs does our society value?

by on April 1, 2013

In class on Thursday, we talked about what types of jobs held a specific value in our society. We went back and forth about arguing why positions such as teachers and even police officers get paid so little for what we consider ‘valuable’ jobs in our society, jobs that make a large impact on others lives. Why do WallStreet workers get paid so much? Why does a teacher, who at times works twice as hard than other professions, never get the paycheck that a guy who sits behind a desk and talks on a phone all day gets?

One of my biggest problems with our society and social capital is exemplified, in my opinion, best, when we look at the world of sports. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about sports, its the reason I went in to the journalism field. But why does the average NBA player make $ 5.3 million? Why do some players fall under the obvious category of ‘greed’ when they pout and whine when some team’s don’t offer them contracts that they feel they ‘deserve’. I understand that everything has its own perspective, including the sports business, but is a human being really going to complain about getting a contract worth $20 million when they want $24 mill? Do they forget the type of economy that our country is going through? The better question is, why the hell are athletes making multi-million dollars a year? Again, I’m not saying being an athlete is easy, because obviously I’m not a professional one, and those who do fulfill their dreams and make it to the pros should be happy with their accomplishments. But isnt the business of sports kind of ridiculous?

The value of being an athlete, according to our society, is greater than a doctor, a scientist, teacher,surgeon, etc, I can go on forever.

What our society values as ‘important’ and popular may be where all of the $ is going. You may agree or disagree with that, but that’s whats happening.

Shouldn’t that mentality change?


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  1. I agree in terms of the ridiculous income professional sports players receive yearly. I have always contemplated this concept as well. Although I don’t believe a shitty actress deserves a higher income than a life-changing teacher, I understand the capitalistic concept behind it all. Not everyone has the capability of slam dunking, making 3 goals in a row effortlessly, or running a 100 meters in 9 seconds. In the United States, we live to glorify such skills including acting, playing sports, or knowing how to calculate numbers with a calculator.. Basically, the United States is willing to pay more in sectors that only have a select handful of talented people with a hard to earn skill. No matter how hard I tried in track in high school, I could never beat the girl next to me in the 100 meters. It’s simple, she had the fast capability, and I didn’t. The fact that not everyone has the same skill level, no matter how hard they try to acquire it, is taken advantage by the capitalistic system of our society. I don’t think it’s fair that a teacher gets paid less than someone that just sits on their ass on Wall Street – but honestly, I only see this system getting worse and not better. Our society is losing it’s morals, and replacing them with dollar signs.

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