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Photography, Violence & Children

by on April 30, 2013

So, here’s a pretty interesting photography project that a friend of mine shared on Facebook today.

Basically, the photographer, Jonathan Hobin, recreates a series of tragic events using children as models. Some of them are pretty intense and a few are downright creepy, but I think it definitely brings together a few of the topics we’ve been discussing, particularly depiction of violence, photojournalism ethics, handling involvement of minors in reporting/photography etc.

Artistically speaking, I think the juxtaposition is quite unique and creative. Ethically, I have a slight issue with taking very young children and posing them to depict situations that they may not understand the full gravity of. Taking a shot in real time of an event occurring is one thing, actively posing children to replicate them is another.

Though the artist says he doesn’t think the images are shocking, I’m sure that factor was still at least part of the equation in his desire to spark discussion about the issues depicted in them. I’d also be interested to see what the kids in the pictures say once they’re older and see them.

What do you think?


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  1. Felicia Cohen permalink

    These photos are disturbing. I appreciate the artisic value and creativity to them- they are completely one of a kind and I can’t wait to pass the link on to others. However, from a photojournalism standpoint, I am not sure how I feel. I agree with you, that since the children do not know what is going on, it may not be ethically sound. It is also interesting that there is no legal matter pressing journalists to get permission from the minors parents.

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