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CNN Leaves it there

by on September 19, 2013


On Tuesday we discussed about  Arthur Brisbane’s comments. Unfortunately he got a lot of flack from others in the industry, especially readers. I however, think he brings up a necessary question that reporters need to be confronted with.

If you’d like to watch a funny John Stewart video on the subject click here: CNN Leaves it there

My question to readers is how do you think this happened? How have we become so focused on being unbiased that we have become timid to actually question facts? Readers consider this our job and were outraged to hear Brisbane’s comments. An excellent example of this “fact questioning” in action (as Raz was mentioning in class) is the 2nd presidential debate in which CNN’s Candy Crowley actually interrupted Romney making a false statement and later she got criticized for it. (here for the video).

Why did she get criticized for this? She should have been giving an award in my opinion. What do you guys think? Did she overstep her role? Have you guys found any other similar acts of journalism? Or rather more like in John Stewarts video of journalists “leaving it there”?



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