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Refusing to print opinions based on false info

by on October 11, 2013

The LA Times is refusing to print letters to the editor that deny that humans are causing climate change. What do you think?


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  1. I feel like it is a fair decision to not print information that is blatantly false in a newspaper, especially one as well-known and trusted as the New York Times. Printing false information to “balance” articles or letters that hold climate change as true only creates a false balance, and does not make the newspaper any more objective. The problem with information is that once it is out it is out, even when corrected or “balanced”; it’s difficult to change people’s initial impressions. Offering up information against climate change translates to, the New York Times thinks that opinion is as valid as the one held true by almost 100% of scientists. My favorite part of this article is Thornton’s emphasis on his use of expert sources to make decisions. Not only does this describe his thought process for decision-making, which I think is an important part of a newspaper’s transparency, it also shows that he is not making decisions based on his personal beliefs (which I’m sure many people accused him/the Times of doing).

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