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A New Look at WikiLeaks

by on October 18, 2013

The timing really could not be better for the topic of discussion in class lately to be revolved around national security and the publishing of classified information. For those looking for a new way to learn about Julian Assange and the creation of WikiLeaks, the movie “The Fifth Estate” could be something worth checking out. As we’ve learned, this is a defining moment in journalism that maybe only those involved in the business could truly understand and appreciate, which is why I’m curious as to whether or not such stories can translate into film. While “All the President’s Men” turned out to be fairly successful, it probably does not fully capture what the breaking of the Watergate scandal was really all about.

Based on early reviews, that seems to be the consensus on “The Fifth Estate”. Either way, I find it quite the coincidence that this comes out at about the same time we’re talking about similar subject matter. Maybe it will give someone a better understanding, especially for those of you who may be better visual learners.

— Nick Canelas


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