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Amanda Knox in the Media

by on October 27, 2013

In 2007, Amanda Knox was found guilty of murdering her flat-mate with the help of two other men in an alleged group sex act in Perugia, Italy. 6 years later, she is facing retrial after being acquitted of the homicide in 2011. Recently there has been ground breaking evidence on the alleged murder weapon that does not match the victim. With this new information, Knox stands a fighting chance. In light of the new evidence and re-trial, I think it is worth looking at the media’s role in depicting Amanda Knox as a sexual deviant and cold-blooded killer. Because Knox was stone faced and continued to be intimate with her boyfriend during the first trial, the media had a frenzy creating the picture of a heartless sociopath. In a controversial interview this may with Chris Cuomo, Cuomo attacks Knox, pressing her with personal questions about deviant and experimental sex. Ethically, the way in which he approaches the interview is highly questionable. He assumes and projects statements upon her as opposed to asking fair questions. Do you think the media’s portrayal of Amanda Knox swayed her trial and is Cuomo’s interview ethically sound?
Here’s the interview;


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  1. Kayla permalink

    I definitely think that media holds most of the power when it comes to public perception over highly public trials like the Amanda Knox case. Usually, the public makes up their mind on cases via news stories rather than their own investigation of evidence. What we see in the Amanda Knox case is the media’s obsession over her sexuality and sex life. Audiences’ minds are shaped from the information the press is releasing, which can be anything but objective. When I watched this interview I felt very uncomfortable.

    I thought that ethically, Chris Cuomo’s questioning of Knox’s sexual preferences in a interview about a murder case is so wrong. Even if he asked just one question about it, she answered it. But his questions kept coming, over and over again. I don’t believe these answers are even in the public interests to know. I think that the trial is swayed by the media because they are focusing on the wrong parts of their story, not concerning the actual investigation.

    I think that in our media, sex sells and this case will grabs people’s attention. That’s why he is making his interview about sex and not the facts of what happened that night. This case is a mix of the stories told by the prosecution and the media. These are outright policing women’s sexuality and sexual activity. Often, our media is obsessed with telling stories of sex and violence. The Knox case is a perfect example of the exploitation of both create a media firestorm.

    The media has shaped the way Amanda Knox is viewed all over the world. She is not just a defendant in a murder trial, but a sexual deviant first and foremost. Ethically, as a journalist I want to get to the facts and the real story on a case. I want to have the ability to give the story objectively, not shape it to the way we know the story will sell to an audience.

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