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WikiLeaks Published a Secret Government Treaty that “Tramples Free Speech”

by on November 14, 2013

WikiLeaks released a draft of a secret treaty from the TSS (Trans-Pacific Partnership), which is comprised of 12 nations including the United States. The document focuses on highly restrictive intellectual property rights — seeking stronger copy right laws and lowering standards for patentability. Julian Assange says it’s an assault on civil liberties because it destroys intellectual and creative commons. The document is so clandestine that members of congress have only been allowed to read selected areas under direct supervision.

A few questions to consider:

Do you agree with Assange’s criticisms of the treaty? What do you think the ethical implications are for publishing the document? Does WikiLeaks have a moral authority to inform the public on issues of civil liberty? Should WikiLeaks also disclose how they obtained such a secret document?


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