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Headline Ethics Initiate Debate

by on December 5, 2013

Last night at the paper we dealt with an ethical dilemma over a sports headline. The story was on hockey in Notre Dame and would be at the Compton Family Ice Area. Trying to create a catchy headline, someone suggested using a spin on the song, “Straight outta Compton” and instead titling the piece, “Straight into Compton.” Some had argued that it was racist, or insensitive and others just said that it wouldn’t make any sense to most people. In the end, we agreed to avoid that headline completely because if it was initiating so much debate, it wasn’t worth accidentally offending anyone. We also settled upon a much less appealing headline. Would anyone else have acted differently in the situation?


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  1. I don’t personally find the headline offensive, but I think that the paper made the right decision not to use it. The fact that it raised so many questions in the newsroom probably means that it would have raised even more questions after it was published, and it might have offended some readers.

    Although the new headline was less catchy, I don’t think using the old headline was worth the controversy it might cause.

  2. I feel as though I would have handled it the same way. Although I do not find it offensive yet I find it clever, it is risky because some readers might. The way it was handled was best because as mentioned if it stirred up so much debate then it is probably better to avoid it in general and play it safe.

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