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Take it or leave it?

by on December 7, 2013

Over the summer at my internship my boss was given two cruise tickets to to use in a giveaway to promote the company. He did raffle them off but no one claimed the tickets. One day he was discussing with us what he should do with the tickets. One person said to go on the cruise himself or give it to one of the employees. When he heard this he was taken aback and instantly refused to do so. At the time I was confused as to why he would not just enjoy the cruise since the tickets would just be going to waste but after learning more about ethics I understand his reasoning. The question is since the tickets technically were not given to him and would just be going to waste if not used would it be wrong to give it to an employee?


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  1. I’m not sure what the specific details were with your situation, but encountered a similar issue during an internship I did too. My team was responsible for carrying out ticket drawings within the company, and there were several ethical issues we had to be careful about. From making sure we left the box out up to the minute the raffle closed, to not entering ourselves, and then finding an employee outside our team (who had not entered) to pull the winner, we made sure there was no ethical conflict every step of the way.

    I can see where your boss would not want to use the tickets in any way other than what they were intended for. If he was given the tickets under very specific pretenses, then deviating that from any way could be considered unethical. There is a big difference between giving tickets away to promote the company and giving them to an employee, so I understand his conflicted feelings about the issue.

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