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Hit for Russian freedom of the press

by on December 10, 2013

A leading News Agency in Russia has been liquidated. The Kremlin shut down the organization yesterday, without warning or notifying any of the leading editors or even the editor-in-chief. The move comes as  RIA-Novosti, a leading state-run conglomerate, had been broadcasting news critical of President Putin’s regime. I’m still shocked at how little freedom of the press they have over there. Just as the news agency was beginning to air anti-Putin reports and being critical of the upcoming Olympics, they are shut down. And the news group replacing them will be led by Russia’s “most propagandistic, anti-western, pro-Putin, journalist in Russia.” As other news outlets in Russia were downplaying the protests in Kiev RIA-Novisti was reporting on them extensively. I think this is a shame and a step in the worng direction for Russia.

Here is the full article


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