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One-sided Propaganda

by on February 20, 2014

Media and propaganda tend to go hand in hand with the way journalism is reported.  Take for example, Israel and Palestine, since they have had their fare share in the news lately. There are news articles reporting from every spectrum, from conflict arising to peace treaties offering.  Depending on what news source you get your information from, you cannot always be positive you are receiving the entire story.  As a journalist, there is a fine line between the news and propaganda, how do we make sure to tell the story in a fare matter for readers all around the world?

I personally believe that there is a corrupted aspect in journalism that has been magnified within the last few years.  No longer is the validity of the story what is meaningful; in today’s news, for the most part, it is about how quickly you can run the story so that it’s an exclusive…and perhaps a story filled with misinformation. Would we rather be misfed half-truth stories with one-sided views rather than a fully covered piece?

Oddly enough, the most equally reported stories I have found about the Israel-Palestine topic comes not from outside the region, but from an Israeli newspaper. Other news site I looked into whether it be from the United States, to Arab journalism, to United Kingdom news, as well as European news, all these stories were weigh in on one side of the circumstances.  If that was all that a reader had as translation and information, it is no wonder they might be one-sided in their views.

As journalists it’s our job to report the full story.  It’s part of our chosen profession to ensure that journalism doesn’t become one-sided propaganda.  However, everyone has an opinion so how does one stop his or her personal judgment? More so, how do journalists justify their unethical choices to print a false story to their readers who trust what they are being told?


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  1. I fully agree with your point that journalism is on a decline, but I do think that journalism is on a decline because of the public. I think the media today just responds to what the public graves instead of the truth. So in a way the public would rather be misfed half-truth stories with one-sided views rather than a fully covered piece, although they like to claim otherwise. That is why people tend to look for “news” that already confirms their opinions.

  2. I definitely agree with your point that journalism has slanted views and sometimes push certain agendas or viewpoints. But I think in the specific case of Israel and Palestine, it’s not necessarily that articles are being skewed by a bias, and creating propaganda for a certain side. I think people may not necessarily have a background of information on the region and its problems, and come into the situation with their own biases. But in this case I don’t think propaganda is being pushed onto the reader.
    I also think we need to put more responsibility on the reader, something no one really seems to be doing lately. Because there is just so much information out there, with a million different viewpoints, I think it is up to the reader to gather many different views and come up with their own educated opinion on the matter. If more people were able to do this, maybe there would be a push from the public to stop the biased reporting we both agree is going on.

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