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New York Times editor points out employer’s liberal bias

by on February 26, 2014

On January 23, New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan wrote a column calling out her own employer for a lack of coverage regarding the 41st annual March for Life in Washington D.C. It was stated that hundreds, possibly thousands of New Yorkers bussed down to Washington D.C. for the anti-abortion protest, yet all the Times published was a photo with a two-line caption.

She received multiple complaints from readers and even contacted the Washington bureau chief, Carolyn Ryan, hoping to find out why there was no article. Ryan responded by saying that the March of Life was “a main element” in a story about Republicans attempting to curtail abortion, which appeared in the paper the day before the protest. Ryan also said that the protest was covered in past years and they do not cover every demonstration. She stated that there weren’t as many in attendance as usual because of frigid weather that week; another reason for not covering it.

Though, in her column, Sullivan reveals the comments of New York City resident Kevin Collins, who said, “Yesterday’s march was especially impressive given the severe cold and the presence of so many young people. It is extraordinary that it was not properly reported, given that abortion is still a topic of intense public and political debate, 41 years after its introduction into the US.”

Sullivan’s ultimate conclusion was that this lack of coverage exemplifies the New York Times’ liberal bias.


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  1. I think this applies to a lot of the readings, where some of them say that bias can actually help a publication. Every editor is going to have some type of bias as to what stories get published, and that’s a big reason why people read certain publications over others. If everyone reported on the exact same stories, I wouldn’t read so many different news outlets as it would just be too boring.

  2. Sounds like a lot of belly aching to me. There are a million and one stories out there and its just not ever going to be the case that all of them get the coverage that they think they deserve. That said, Is the NYT showing its conservative side when they put the NRA on the front page? I don’t think so.

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