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When is it appropriate for networks to monitor what they use in their broadcast?

by on September 18, 2014

The past week and a half has been crazy and a disgusting one for the National Football League. First, it was Ray Rice. Now, here we are a week and a half later and the Rice situation has had a complete domino affect, with many other players facing charges for domestic abuse.

Amidst all of the charges on players, CBS Sports decided to pull Rihanna’s song “Run This Town” from their Thursday Night Football broadcast. They felt it was too close to comfort to include her song in the broadcast when Rihanna herself was a victim of domestic violence from her boyfriend at the time, Chris Brown. CBS Sports stated that they would put the song back in the following Thursday but Rihanna pulled the rights from it. Sports Illustrated and ESPN posted two reports regarding this situation.

Was it ethical for CBS Sports to pull the song? Why or why not? What kind of message is the network sending by doing this? When is it appropriate for networks to monitor certain aspects of their broadcast? When do you draw the line about monitoring what you put out there?

Also another point I thought of is do you think CBS Sports is limiting what they say specifically about these situations since they have a one-year contract with the NFL Network to broadcast games on Thursday? How does that tie into and affect their situation and what their talent says on-air?


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