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Man Breaks Into White House – Media Masked?

by on October 9, 2014

With all of the buzz over Ebola happening for the last couple of weeks, the media may have masked the story about the man who tried to break into the White House on September 19th. Omar Gonzalez, Iraq War veteran, jumped over the fence and sprinted 70+ yards to the front door entrance to the White House carrying with him a 2.5 inch knife. This occurred very shortly after Obama had left with his daughters to travel to Camp David. As seen on a video recording of the intrusion, security outside of the White House moved the people surrounding the area out of the way and sent warnings to the rest of the secret service along with a siren indicating an unauthorized person was intruding. Gonzalez made it through the White House front door and was then stopped by the secret service in the entrance.

Many people in their comments on the articles are now questioning what the “safest place on Earth” is now that a place that has been believed to be one of the safest places has been intruded by someone with a weapon. The media is giving the story as it is, but it is also providing facts that that can potentially raise questions for those in the United States and around the world. What message does this send to other countries and potential terrorists? Is it ethical for the media to give light on something that could potentially end up hurting the country by drawing in more terrorists? What message does this send to potential terrorists if someone can simply jump over the fence of the White House and make it inside while carrying a weapon? There were witnesses at the scene, and of course this had to be reported, but an ethical dilemma is definitely present.


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  1. While it is true that potential terrorists could see that a man so easily made it into the White House with a weapon, I think that it also makes it apparent that the security needed improvement. One can only hope that out of such a rare, unfortunate event, that the White House Security will see that some changes need to be made in order to keep the White House safe.

    Through the media, potential terrorists could also see the consequences of Gonzalez’s actions. Not only does the media share what happens because the public needs to know and it is the truth, but it’s important to share for their own safety. Someone as dangerous as Gonzalez who had a weapon should not be on the streets and it’s important for the public to know that one less danger is out there. It is ethical for the media to share this information because hopefully the more people that know about it, the more concerns there will be for a better security in the White House.

    Since he was a veteran, it also raises the concern for the care that the US has for veterans with PTSD. It is a very real issue in the US and instances like these can start begging the question of how we are helping those with PTSD. When the media shares such information, the chances are higher that someone will start asking questions because more people will know about the instance. As this has never happened before, the White House will hopefully work even harder to improve their security so that potential terrorists will see obstacles in the way.

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