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Ottawa Shooting: Will we focus on the shooters or victims?

by on October 23, 2014

Another unfortunate shooting took place on Wednesday, October 22 in Ottawa, the capital of Canada at the Canada War Memorial and inside the Parliament building.  One soldier who was guarding the War Memorial has been shot and later died from injuries and one of the gunmen has also been killed.  The names of the gunmen have not yet been released.  The other suspect could be on the loose.  Canadian authorities have asked for help from the FBI and have given this suspect’s name (which could be an alias) to U.S. law enforcement but did not include this person’s nationality, ethnicity or age.

In other shootings, namely in the United States, news outlets have been scrutinized for glorifying the perpetrators and releasing stories of their pasts, which some people think do not have to do with the issue at hand; the actual shooting itself.  The issue has arose many times where personal information about these perpetrators is released and gives such evil people their “fifteen minutes of fame,” which unfortunately seems to be many of their desires.

This being a tragedy in Canada, do you think that Canadian news outlets will act as the US news outlets have in the past?  Is it ethical to focus so much on the perpetrator rather than the victim(s)?  Do you think that copycats who want to be remembered are doing so because of articles that they have read or seen about previous shooters?


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