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Headlines on CNN

by on November 18, 2014

As I’m sure many of you have learned by now, there was a terrorist attack early this morning in Israel. Two Palestinian men entered a synagogue in West Jerusalem and brutally murdered four rabbis during morning prayers. Three of the rabbis had dual U.S.-Israel citizenship, and one had major ties to Boston. It is a very sad day for anyone affected by the attack.

One of my Israeli friends brought the attached image to my attention — this image has been captured by many and because of it, CNN is is receiving criticism all over social media for the misleading nature of the headline. As you can see, the headline implies that Israeli police officers shot and killed two Palestinians, with no further explanation. Even though the reporter may have been explaining the situation in more detail, this headline reads as both ambiguous and biased.

Some of my other friends in Israel and in other countries have commented on this photo, warning each other “not to trust the media.” It can be hard for us to see such harsh criticism on social media, but it’s also inspiring because we can remind ourselves that this is why we are studying journalism. It is our responsibility to change the world’s view of American journalism, because images like these discourage the international community from trusting us.

Below are some links to more information on the breaking news from Jerusalem:

The New York Times:

WCVB-TV Channel 5 Boston:

The Jerusalem Post:


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  1. This shows how we always have to be careful when choosing things and learn from the mistakes that others have made. I agree with you that in our studies, we must learn how to correct the problems that happen in the media and make it our job to change the perception.

  2. Ah, CNN. Masters of the sensationalist headline. I’m not entirely familiar with the the way that CNN slants its coverage of what seems to be the constant drama between Israel and Palestine but I can see the uproar over this headline specifically. I’m assuming that most of the people you are referring to who say “Don’t trust the media.” have some sort of loyalty to Israel in this situation. That’s fine. This has always been a heated, messy, and convoluted topic and both sides are passionate about their positions. I can definitely see how this headline would enrage those who are more loyal to Israel. I can’t believe the low quality of our mainstream media these days overall. Sensationalism and the 24- news cycle seem to make a mockery of the type of journalism we’re taught about in our classes. This is CNN after all, who covered a missing plane all day long for months on end when there were many more important events happening all over the world and who called Ebola the “ISIS of diseases” or whatever it was. It’s both humorous and depressing at the same time.

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