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by on November 29, 2014

I do not believe personal opinions, social beliefs, or historical references should be used when looking at the scientific facts like the Prosecutor expressed. So we must remove ourselves from these frameworks the media has created and realize the importance of solving solving this case. Many witnesses’s stories were changed and not aligned with the three autopsy’s of Michael Brown’s body. Also released around midnight of last night was the photos of Officer Wilson’s wounds to the face, which was reported Brown became violent with Wilson at the door of the cruiser, punching him in the face. This is where the first two shots were fired, one in the cruiser and one hitting Brown’s thumb.

This case has raised a lot of questions surrounding police brutality and while this is definitely a true issue our nation must face, I believe that the reactions to Ferguson is extreme on both sides. I support the right to protest and gather peacefully. Different locations over the States have rallied peacefully and many positive things have come out of this. For example, The young child giving out free hugs in Colorado have brought cops hugging protestors. This is extremely symbolic, since most of the cops were white and most of the protesters hugging them were black.

Yet, the negative reactions such as burning properties and looting is absolutely ridiculous. Racism is still alive and I do not mean to disregard this, but Martin Luther King would have hung his head in shame to these reactions. Why would the burning of black store owners in the town of Ferguson be effective or morally correct? What message is this sending? The black community in Ferguson needs to take this case and stand peacefully against it if thats what they believe. Criminals should be punished for committing crimes, not because they are black.


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