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Joe Scarborough on Ferguson

by on December 1, 2014

Joe Scarborough, a host on MSNBC, went on air with a lot of critical points and things to say. Click here to watch it.

He expressed that he is sick of this and made a lot of claims that I found questionable. I also think he said a lot of things that could get him in trouble.

Is it ethical for him to go on the air and say these statements? Is this conflict of interest? Should he be revealing these statements, some of which are opinionated and personal?



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  1. Scarborough goes against his duty as a journalist. While there are going to be situations where we are covering a story for days and continuously staying on top of the story throughout the day, whether or not we are sick or bored of covering the stories, it is not our place to express our opinions to the viewers. Especially with a serious situation like the Ferguson case, he could potentially offend many viewers and come across as insensitive and racist. All in all, he was out of line making such remarks and went against his duty as a journalist to remain unbiased.

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