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UMass Cuts Ties With Bill Cosby

by on December 2, 2014

Our own UMass Amherst has been in the news lately for cutting ties with Bill Cosby due to rape allegations.  He has never been prosecuted and denies some of the allegations.  Though more than a dozen women have come forward, was it ethical for UMass to act so quickly on the matter?  Should they have waited for Cosby to be prosecuted?


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  1. I think it was ethical for UMass to cut ties with Bill Cosby because of what the university stands for and how they are trying to work to eliminate sexual assaults. The name of the university shouldn’t be tied with someone who has committed such acts, or this would be contradictory to the motives of UMass. (

  2. Back in 2005, Cosby’s attorney requested for a gag order, because “he was concerned that publicity over the case could interfere with the selection of an impartial jury.” While it’s our job as journalists to not distort a story, we should not be restricted to reporting on a topic because embarrass a celebrity.

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  3. mariahscafidi permalink

    I agree with Stephanie. Cutting ties with Bill Cosby shows that UMass is headed in the right direction as far as not tolerating sexual assaults – no matter who is the subject of the accusations. With how badly UMass has been in the press for how they personally deal with on-campus sexual assaults, I think this was a smart move. Regardless of the current situation, it shows that UMass stands with and supports victims.

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