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Deadspin releases report on Greg Hardy

by on November 8, 2015

This past Friday, the website Deadpan published a chilling report on the domestic violence investigation regarding NFL player Greg Hardy. The article, which can be found here, was titled “This Is Why NFL Star Greg Hardy Was Arrested For Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend” was filled with photos that police took of the victim, Nicole Harder, after being assaulted by Hardy and also included recollections of the night the assault took place. I believe this article exemplifies a well-done piece by Deadpan, as it sheds light and new information on a very sensitive subject. With the recent cases of domestic violence in the NFL, I feel the inclusion of 9-1-1 calls between a detective and Holder add an important element to this piece, as it gives the readers an idea of how this situation played out. In journalism there is often a debate on whether or not these conversations and pictures should remain out of the article, but I believe they were necessary in this case.

Just reading the comments makes me impressed with this reporting, as readers praised Deadspin author Diana Moskovitz for not holding back in this piece and including several details that made the story that much better. Moskovitz could’ve took the easy way out when writing this piece and just written about this, but including the photos that show this assault make the story that much better. I give Moskovitz credit for not backing down from bigger people like the NFL or anybody associated with Hardy, and still publishing these vital pieces of information that drive home the point of writing a piece like this. Domestic violence is a common occurrence in society these days, and what this article does is brings awareness to this situation, especially when it has to do with someone like a Greg Hardy.

Perhaps my favorite part of this story is when Moskovitz says “Unlike Ray Rice, the former Baltimore Ravens star who was filmed knocking his future wife unconscious in an elevator, Hardy hasn’t become a pariah. That’s partly because he’s more valuable on the field, but also because of the perception that nobody knows what really happened that night.” This exemplifies the unfortunate circumstances that when there are professional athletes that are full of talent, teams and organizations are willing to bite the bullet of signing someone that has been the subject of an investigation like this one, just for the benefit of their own team.


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  1. I agree that this article by Deadspin was extremely informative on a controversial topic. Photojournalists have to debate whether or not they should include graphic images, but there is no doubt that the images, and even the 9-1-1 conversations, were important to the newly published story. Also, you make a very interesting point about “not backing down from bigger people like the NFL or anybody associated with Hardy, and still publishing these vital pieces of information that drive home the point of writing a piece like this.” Big organizations with high profile athletes, and people in general, will undoubtedly want to avoid the public relation issues of having these images shown. For example, the NFL and CTE concussion connection has harmed the league and its future. This case also harms the league because one of its better athletes still has a job, despite his legal issues. The article definitely brings awareness to the issue of domestic violence, and that is why it is necessary to be published.

  2. I definitely resonate with the notion that the 9-1-1 calls and pictures needed to be included in Deadspin’s story on Greg Hardy. Though it is a rather sensitive topic and such topics need to be handled carefully, it is less controversial to include powerful evidences such as these when the public is already rallying behind an issue, as in this case they were with domestic violence. At this point, the Ray Rice incident had already came and shocked the public. That there was still more to the Hardy story to tell left the obvious choice of bringing more awareness to the public about Hardy. Why hold out any details that give the public a more accurate perception of the monstrosity Hardy committed?

    When pictures were released of the bruises Hardy’s girlfriend received, particularly from being thrown onto a pile of guns, it sent waves through the public eye. The NFL had already suspended Hardy for a year, so a four game suspension seemed “adequate” enough for the corrupt league. Yet it began a new timeline of which Hardy’s perception only trended downward from there, rightfully so. That Hardy was able to skate by despite his crimes should be humiliating for Journalists who didn’t seem to seek more to the story before Diana Moskovitz of Deadspin did. It doesn’t matter how powerful the NFL is; with domestic violence being such a sensitive, prevalent subject in our society currently, it makes too much sense that Moskovitz further pursued the truth. Props to her.

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