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At least they train us how to be better journalists.

by on December 7, 2015

As a rule, Journalism ethics classes aim to promote better journalism, therefore, journalists are trained to be moral in their work. Of course studying ethics should lead ethicists to behave better than those who have not learn it. However, sometimes, journalists being ethical or otherwhise might relate to their personality. Many people are not always moral in their life routine, but at the same time, one should ask themselves what kind of morality are we talking about? Who are we being moral or unfair to? For instance, the person in the “cheeseburger ethics article,” who claims that eating meat is bad was at least ethical to the students, even if she was not moral to herself. She shared what she ethically believed was not right with the students, and she took a personal decision of harming herself by eating the burger. To me, her behavior was fair as long as she informed that specific audience that about the down side of eating. The only thing that make her look bad was the fact that she failed to reveal to the students that though she suggest people to not eat meat but she herself eat it for whatever reason she decided so. This way, the student who found her eating the cheeseburger would not be surprise seeing it.

As for us journalists, some of us practice journalism because it is their dream job; while other work as journalists because they are able to make money out of it; and still others use journalism for the fact that it will get their name out. I believe that those who are in love with it are responsible journalists, who are seeking to expend their audience throughout honesty and transparency. I remember learning that the only thing a journalist can offer to her/his audience is delivering trustworthy information that leads the audience to get trust. And I think doing a good job mean feeling good about what we do. As for me, journalism ethics classes make me a better learner because my eyes become wider open than before. Today, after taking this class, I have a lot of things related to journalism that I have done in the past to regret because I find out they were unethical. From now on, I can confirm that I am and will always be a better journalist because I learn the good way and I have no doubt about my morality.


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