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N.S.A Arrest take two

by on October 7, 2016

The U.S government is just continuing to shoot themselves in the foot as just yesterday they now do not know if Harold T. Martin III is the one who had leaked top secret documents such as: intercepted communications between Europe and Japan and the computer code for the N.S.A’s hacking tools. 

The reason he had been arrested, according to reports is that Martin had been secretly taking home huge amounts of classified material since 1999. He was arrested this past August; however, since his arrest police have claimed that they  have not been able to find any sort of connection. What’s interesting to me and brings some questions is how did the police just assume that this guy had been leaking any sort of information if they don’t have any sort of evidence? I don’t know, what do you guy’s think?

It just goes to show that the government will got at no cost to hide any sort of information that they do not want the public to know about. Going as far as to arrest a guy that they cannot even find any sort of connection to the leaking’s.

Do you guys think that the government at this point is just going to far? Not like they haven’t already.

The unfortunate part though in all of this is no matter what Martin does he will still go to prison. According to reports he did have unauthorized classified material in an unsafe place and because of it he may face jail time up to 11 years. What the government is more pressed on is the leaking of the techniques used to break into foreign computers and networks-as well as intercepted communications as stated above.

Another interesting part when reading this article was how the journalists used a lot of anonymous sources. I understand that journalists must protect their sources and it is our number one rule of thumb; however I think it just doesn’t make the story as credible just because it used so many anonymous sources. It would have made the story more interesting if the sources were identified. It definitely would have made the story more personable if we knew who these people were. That is just my opinion, what are your guys’ thoughts?




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  1. I think your point about anonymous sources is an interesting and relevant one. With so many news outlets lately, I think there is an even higher demand for sources to be identified to make a fact or statement more reliable. I know as a consumer and writer I’m constantly following up where statements came from and most of the time I wouldn’t be satisfied unless I found a named source or at least a valuable reason for not being identified.

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