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Ethics Being Tested in Sports Coverage

by on October 17, 2016

Recently, I was covering a high school girls’ soccer game for my Sports Journalism class since I have been covering Belchertown High School all semester. Coming into the game the team was undefeated, but they came out not looking so good.

By the end of it all they had lost their first game of the season 3-2. It was a frustrating game and there was some very biased calls by the referees to the dismay of most parents. There was, however, a bright side.

The bright side was that one player contributed to the entire offense and scored the two goals for Belchertown. She played excellent soccer and was one of the people who most agreed with the idea that there were a few biased calls.

I now faced the ethical question of if I should talk to her or not — even though she played so well. Another ethical question that I faced was I didn’t know if I should ask the coach about the calls in the game or not.

I decided to go through with both of them. The player gave me short answers, seeing as she was very frustrated after suffering her first loss of the season and I ended up asking the coach about it as well and I never really got a clear answer out of him about what he thought about about the calls in the game.

It was a tough decision when trying to figure out if I should talk to them both and ask the questions I did. I’m glad I made the decision that I did, it gave me some insight into the coaches heads as well as the players heads, even though I didn’t use either of their quotes.


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