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Issues faced during the Election

by on November 17, 2016

In this article titled, Penn State journalism alumni discuss experiences covering presidential election, the author covers the experience of several journalists and how they covered this presidential election in the state of Pennsylvania. One thing I found to be very interesting was what one of the students had to say on polling in this election. Given the fact that Pennsylvania was one of the states that was predicted to swing either way according to some polls, the student’s interviewed said that polls needed to be more transparent.

One of the students, Anna Orso said that it is important it’s important to recognize small sample sizes aren’t accurate representations of the population.


How can we as journalists make our polls more accurate?

What assumptions are allowed to be drawn based on polls?


Another issue that was raised in the article was how the media has taken a dramatic shift in this election by becoming increasingly more biased. Orso also mentioned that many journalists have learned to redefine the meaning of objectivity and become comfortable in labeling statements as incorrect or racist.


Were these journalists wrong in making these observations?

Should journalists try to be more objective?


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  1. I think this particular election blew up polling as we know it. It was so polarizing, and media biases were so prevalent, that I think for some right or third-party voting candidates felt they needed to keep their views a secret. Not voting for Hillary was stigmatized poorly, so the silently casted their ballots.

    Polls couldn’t include these people because they didn’t want to tell you who they we’re voting for. Even the most scientific polls were way off.

    Perhaps the polls inaccuracy reassured Hillary supporters that they didn’t need to leave the house on election day because media and entertainers made it seem as though her president was a given.

    I don’t know. This election was bizarre and there we’re a million things fundamentally wrong with it all that it’s hard to even choose a place to start.

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