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Coverage following the Ohio State Attack

by on December 1, 2016

After a scary incident at Ohio State this past week where a man attacked pedestrians with a butcher knife, students who work for campus media jumped into action. The made sure to sift through every rumor as they began to surface to make sure they were providing accurate coverage and information to their fellow students.

As students, they are very close to the situation that took place that day. Do you think they are too close to cover this subject? How can they cover this to the best of their ability?

Another thing I found interesting about this story is a quote from one of the students. It reads, “Breaking news isn’t really all that hard, Roll said. You write what you know. And usually, you don’t know much. So you don’t write much. The tough part is sifting through the rumors.”

As a journalist covering any type of story, how do you handle rumors? Should you be allowed to report alleged details? How would you handle this?

Read the article here: How student journalists at Ohio State covered Monday’s attack


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  1. I do not think that student journalists are necessarily too close to cover something, I actually think that them being close to the situation gives them more credibility in telling what is going on. However I can see how being really close can affect a story. I think they could cover it to the best of their ability by trying their best to sift through rumors, and just writing what they know. As far as reporting alleged details, I think it is better to mostly just report what you know for certain, and then maybe give some examples of rumors going around as long as they are very clearly defined as rumors.

  2. While I can see it being difficult for journalism students at the University of Ohio to cover this story, it is necessary. Personally, I do not think that student journalists are “too close” to cover this piece, and I think that hearing this story from their perspective is interesting and necessary. If I were a student journalist at the University of Ohio, I would only report the facts, not the allegations.

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