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How Holywood depicts female Journalists

by on December 5, 2016

After reading an article published by Vox, titled “Hollywood won’t let female journalists be competent at their jobs” by Aja Romano, I began to think about how  female journalists are generally stereotyped in the movie industry. The article  focuses on certain characters from television shows and movie, particularly relating all examples back to Rory Gilmore.

Before even finishing the article I automatically thought of movies and shows like “How to lose a guy in 10 days” and “Sex and the City” where the female’s professional career and their entire role in the movie rely on her sex life and romantic endeavors. As I continued reading, both of these examples were used. The bottom line is that in the movie industry, women cannot seem to distinguish a line between their professional and personal life. These fictional female journalists are seen as either heartless greedy reporters or someone who sleeps with sources in order to better their career.

Reading this article was almost a wake-up call for me. How could I not realize that these (fictional) female journalists were placed in a box and could only thrive in their careers by crossing ethical lines? The article ends by saying that Hollywood is not ready to create another Rory Gilmore, a professional ethical female journalist, and I agree.

Full article here:


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  1. This article was extremely interesting and gave a perspective on female journalism that is often overlooked and undermined. Female journalists are depicted in movies in ways that may seem far fetched from an outside point of view, but are painfully accurate in some circumstances. Female journalists often feel the need to prove that they are worth covering more important pieces, and often times that includes crossing ethical lines.

  2. This definitely gave me more realization of how female journalists are looked upon. A lot of the accusations were something I’ve seen, but weren’t fully aware of. I think women in general are treated unfairly compared to men in a lot of workplaces. Of course, some more in certain jobs than others. But, through this article, it really solidified some of the questions and assumptions I had for women in journalism. Like you said, it was also almost a wake-up call for me and I wonder how they go about covering stories while also trying to not cross ethical lines.

  3. It’s funny because I read your comment and automatically tried to come up with an example of a female journalist that wasn’t portrayed this way in television or film. Only one that came to mind was Rachel McAdams’ character in Spotlight. Funny how she’s portrayed as such a professional and the story was based on the true story. Only in fiction they’re made out to be the opposite.

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