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Due Tuesday, Oct. 25

Please answer one of the following questions (not both!):

1) Take a look at this compilation of national and international media codes of ethics. Contrast three different codes of conduct. How are they different? Make informed speculations about the reasons for the differences you observe (a little bit of research on these countries/organizations and their journalistic traditions won’t hurt here, either). Which versions would you choose to abide by as a journalist? Why? (You can also search for other codes of ethics – just make sure to credit the source at all times).

2) Read the Post Register’s Code of Ethics. Make sure you click on each embedded link on this page. Pay particular attention to the italicized text and to the examples. Then, take a look at the Register’s “interactive walk” through its code of ethics. Choose three of the examples provided by the Register on these two pages and discuss them in some detail. Do you disagree, at any point, with the Register’s application of their code of ethics to these concrete situations? Would you have reacted differently, based on slightly different ethical principles/priorities?

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