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Due Tuesday, Oct. 4

If you were Daniel Ellsberg, would you have sent the Pentagon Papers  to the NYT and the Washington Post? If you were the editor of the NYT, would you publish the Papers? In full or in part? Would you publish them even after the government tells you that it is convinced that such a disclosure would seriously compromise national security? How do you feel about the Washington Post’s decision to publish the “Top Secret America” stories? Does this case-study raise the same ethical questions as the PP case study? If not, what are the differences as far as you are concerned, and how do they affect your ethical decision in this case?

Please answer all of the questions above. When doing so, clearly identify the ethical approach you are taking (remember our class discussions on the subject). If you need more information about the Pentagon Papers case, I suggest you watch the recommended video  (“The Most Dangerous Man in America”) and read the original NYT articles (use the Historical New York Times database).

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