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Due Tuesday, Sept. 27

Please put one of your peers’ papers (see below) through an intensive peer-review process. Edit the paper. Ask questions. Suggest changes. Point out strengths and weaknesses.

Then, on a separate sheet (with your name on it), assess the response paper on the basis of the AACU “Critical Thinking” rubric. Evaluate the paper based on each one of the four rubric categories (“Explanation of Issues,” “Evidence,” “Influence of Context and Assumptions,” “Student’s Position,” “Conclusions and Related Outcomes”). For each category, please explain in a paragraph or two precisely why the writer deserves a 1, a 2, a 3, or a 4. Feel free to quote or paraphrase from the paper.

If you were in class on Thursday, you got a paper to work on. If you missed the class, come to my office at your earliest convenience and pick one up from the mailbox on my office door.

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